Hunt supporter conviction for grievous bodily harm

On the morning of this attack John O’Reilly came down this side road with his digger and started to knock a gap in the Daniels’ road side ditch. Having dug out the length of a gateway or more he then left, leaving the Daniels field open to their animals trespassing on the public road.

Aghast, at this unexpected damage to their ditch, Norman and Hubert Daniels went down the side road and were in the process of repairing the damage when John O’Reilly attacked them. This is to be seen on the video. They were lured out of their farm onto the roadside for this unprovoked assault which left Norman with a fractured wrist and he subsequently had a heart attack.

John O’Reilly is a violent supporter of the Kilkenny Hunt with a previous conviction for violent assault and he was fined 2250 euro, for this section 3 conviction for grievous bodily harm. Outside the court he was surrounded and supported by prominent members of the Kilkenny Hunt, for all to see. This assault is only one of a long list of intimidation, bullying and damage to their persons and their farming by the Kilkenny Hunt and their supporters, for which the Daniels have never been paid. Who was it that destroyed a field of silage with a harrow and stole their gates last Summer? Mr nobody.

The government’s silence in this regard is alarming and they and the law are turning a blind eye when it comes to farmers. Further more, quite a lot of Solicitors, Barristers, Gardai and some Judges openly support this kind of criminal activity. Because these men, the Daniels are farmers, who cares? They were at law with the Devil, and the court in Hell, a waste of time and money. The men of 1916 died in vain.

The Irish Farmers Organisation should be taking this case on behalf of two of their members and should be actively defending those men in Court. But because the IFA and the Farmers Journal have been infiltrated in the last number of years by high profile fox hunting people, whose aim is to perpetuate the Freebee, Hunt, with the Farmers investment at the Farmers expenses. Even the new IFA help line Solicitor James Stains runs with and defended the Kilkenny Hunt even in court, against two IFA members, the Daniels, what a laugh. The IFA’s own rules are not being operated. To highlight this, F A F T with the Daniels picketed the Farm Centre last April 15 2015 seeking the expulsion of all this gang .A press statement was issued, the Press took photos and interviews, but nothing appeared in the papers ,why? Is this gang about to be shafted from IFA?

The power struggle is now on, the new President needs to be a strong and determined man. IFA’s rules state that no body is allowed to enter onto a farm unless they have the farmers permission and clearly in this case, the Hunt are trespassers doing criminal damage. Is nobody going to say stop?

But in the face of this Redcoat Militia, we croppies will not lie down. Farmers Unite. Shut these gurriers out of your land.

Philip P. Lynch
Chairman FAFT


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