Irish farming land off-limits to hunting groups

At a recent meeting of Farmers Against Fox Hunting and Trespass, a motion was passed unanimously declaring that ALL THE COMMERCIAL FARMING LANDS OF IRELAND SHOULD BE OFF LIMITS TO ALL HUNTING GROUPS WITH DOGS, WHETHER ON HORSEBACK OR ON FOOT.

Access to farmland will only be by Written and Signed Permission from the Farmer/Land Owner. This measure is seen as necessary because almost all foxhunts erroneously claim to have permission to hunt on Farmland despite not having sought the farmer’s permission. The IFA, ICMSA and ICSA state that nobody has a right to enter farmland without the owners’ permission.

Because of the NON payment for damage caused by foxhunts to farms, crops and livestock running into hundreds of thousands of Euro in all twenty-six counties, most farmers will no longer grant permission to Hunts to enter their lands at all.

The 30,000 Euro owed to a Westmeath farmer by the Hunts for the loss of his Pedigree Herd of Sheep, has still not been paid to the man.

Incredibly, the 30,500 Euro that was awarded in Kilkenny Circuit Court last year for Criminal behaviour by the Kilkenny Hunt has still not been paid to the Daniel brothers of Tullaroan Kilkenny.

On top of this despicable behaviour, hunt hounds are routinely killing farm family pets, harmless little cats or dogs that happened to show themselves when the Yahoos arrive with horns blowing and whips at the ready. The animals are savaged in front of crying children and helpless adults as the hounds run amok in a frenzy.

We ask: Is there no Justice for Farmers victimised by foxhunts? This kind of Wanton Vandalism has to stop.

Hence, the decision taken by members of Farmers Against Foxhunting that in Future, ALL Hunt clubs will have to carry Written and Signed Permission from the Farmer on whose land the are found.

NO PERMISSION MEANS JUST THAT… NO ADMISSION TO THE FARM BY FOXHUNTS. Our members will resist with all the legal means at our disposal any and all attempts by hunts to encroach on farm property.



1 thought on “Irish farming land off-limits to hunting groups

  1. wildwitchy

    They come onto my land chasing foxy they will given a good poke. Bunch of gobs****s. They disgust me.


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